Happy National Hat Day!

National Hat Day January 15th, 2020 Fedoras Derby Newsboy Cap Flat Cap Western Cowboy Hat Top Hat

It January 15th, 2020.  It's National Hat Day in the USA.

What hat style are you wearing today?

Wearing a hat has long been for functional reasons - to keep you warm while you walked outdoors. So it should be no surprise that in the USA, National Hat Day falls in January, in one of the coldest months of the year.

But these days, hats are more of a style and fashion statement.  So what's your favorite hat style?

In the state of Texas, you see many Cowboy Hats.  These are very much fitting a clothing style that is also observed widely.

In other regions, hats are less dominate but style varies greatly.  Not too many Top Hats being worn, but you will see a dapper dressed man dawning a Fedora on any given day.

In summer times, especially on weekends, the baseball cap is widely seen.  But put aside the favored national baseball team cap, you see many stylish, well-fitted baseball caps that vary in materials from denim to leather, making them even more versatile and stylish for casual to athleisure wear.

Other dominant hat styles we see these days are the newsboy cap and flat cap.  Paired in cooler weather with an overcoat and these make for a very trendy style.

Whatever your style may be, dawn a hat today to uplift your style and celebrate National Hat Day.

Happy National Hat Day!


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