Pump Before You Primp!

When you "Primp" or are "Primping", you are spending time on your hair or clothes.

Looking great and feeling great creates energy in you that motivates you to do more.

So release some of that energy by being physically active.  Go hit the gym.  Play a pickup game of your sport.

Jog.  Run.  Bike.

Do what energizes you even more.  And you will look even greater.  You will feel even greater.

This is the snowball effect we're going for.  With a little bit of work today, you gain awesome momentum for tomorrow.

Compression 2 Piece Workout Set

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So grab your running shoes.

Put on your favorite workout gear.  Strap on the activity tracker.

Tune-out everything else with your favorite beats.

And get moving.  You will feel great.

We'll see you after you're done.  Later!


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