How To Keep Your Fitness Plan On Track

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Wham! Wham!

That's the double whammy. The one that occurs every time around this time of the year.

The temperature gets a little colder. In some places, just downright fridged. The sky gets a little grayer. In some places, you won't even see the sun come up.

You long for a day where the sun will shine like those summer days you long for. Going outside becomes a dreadful chore. You layer up in your joggers and hoddie. And you hit the couch. Whammy #1. 

And the festive eating continues. From Thanksgiving all the way through to New Year's Eve. One festive meal after another. With food and drink. And the deserts. You can't skip the deserts.

Family festivities. Office parties. Evenings out with friends you can only get together with during the holidays.

And then you top it all off. You celebrate. The end of one year, and mark the beginning of the new year with an all-out celebration fo celebration. Whammy #2.

All this has derailed your fitness plan. No problem right? We can make it our New Years resolution to start a fitness regimen, all over again. Oh no. Not this year. Hit the rewind button [<<] and press play [>].

We're not going to let that happen to you this year. At Shop MODERN Menswear, we are here to look out for you, from the inside-out.

We're not able to stop the changing of the seasons. And you don't have to give up the festivities. But you do need a plan that can battles these two whammies.


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6 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Plan On Track

Here's how you can keep your fitness plan on track.
  • Know your motivation
  • Schedule your fitness time
  • Prepare for the activity
  • Mix it up by adding some variety
  • Start small or gear down for a short time
  • Reward your self for staying on track
  • Rinse. And repeat.

Your Fitness Motivation

Start by reflecting on why you need to stay on track despite these upcoming challenges. You want all the benefits of keeping fit right?

We'll let you decide on what those benefits and reasons are. But, reflect on it and write it down.

It will be a good reminder each day. It's going to be your motivator.


Your Schedule

You have a schedule for work. You have a schedule for your family priorities. You write them down or you have them in your e-calendars.

Well, do the same for your fitness regimen. Schedule it.

It doesn't matter if it's first thing in the morning, mid-day or in the evening. Schedule it in so that nothing else can get booked at the same time.


Prepare For It.

This is one of our habit-stacking techniques. If you don't have a fitness plan today, no problem. Even if you have one that's become second nature for you, that's terrific.

But this is the time to bring back some of those early habit-builders.

Plan the day before.  When, Where and How you're going to stay active.

Even to the point of having your active gear ready to jump into when it's time to train. All the gear - closes, shoes, training gadgets - all in one convenient place.


Mix It Up

Now is not the time to have your fitness plan become stale. So what do you do?

How about introducing new training elements? Or picking up a new sport or physical activity?

Keep your fitness plan fresh by introducing some variety. This is also great for getting the best out of your fitness plan. New activities and training elements keep the body working that much harder.


Start Small or Gear Down

If you're just starting out, start small.

Small activities are easier to start and stay committed to. You can build on the small steps each day.

If you've been training religiously all year long, then gear down.

As the environment around gets more challenging, it is ok to ease back a little. A lighter training regimen for a day or two.

Lighter is better than skipping altogether. Gearing down is better than putting the brakes on. So adjust down for now and then get your self back up as soon as you can.


Reward Yourself

No, we're not talking about going back to those festive desserts. Instead, consider some of these simple rewards.

If that's not enough rewards, here are 41 Awesome Non-Food Rewards. That should be enough to keep you going.

Keep all these components integrated into your lifestyle on a regular basis. As they say, Rinse and Repeat.


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You've Beat The Wammies

There you have it. 6 simple ways to keep your fitness plan on track through the rough waters ahead.

Good luck. We know you can do it!


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