Make Your Online Clothing Purchase a Success

What's the key to a successful online purchase?

Making a successful online purchase for your men's suits, pants, shirts and men's accessories.

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Answer:  Sizing

Sizing is the answer.  Clothes are made all over the world.  So it should be no surprise that sizing will vary.  No matter what.

Doesn't matter if you buy online or in-store.  Doesn't matter if you buy something locally made or made overseas.  Even manufacturing in the same factory will have some sizing variances due to manufacturing and style-size variations.  Sizing variances are an inherent part of the clothing industry.

So what's the solution?  Try before you buy it?  Well, that can be a little time consuming and obviously not reasonable online.  And you're shopping right now for the convenience of online shopping.  Right?

So what's the solution?  A good sizing recommendation!  Here at Shop MODERN Menswear, we know the keys to a successful online purchase.  So we're here to help.

  • First, assess the style.  If the style is modern or slim or form-fitting, take this into consideration before you make your purchase and select your size accordingly.

  • Second, check for a Sizing Chart.  As we mentioned above, with all the variances that go into the manufacture of a piece of clothing, a sizing chart from the manufacturer or online retailer will help guide your size selection.  Look for sizing charts for our clothing, where available.

  • Finally, ask for help.  If you're still unsure about your purchase, drop us an email with your specific question about your purchase or sizing question and we'll be more than happy to help guide you.

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